Before starting the topic, I should admit that it’s the task I feared the most. Yes, I allude to the usage of the RSS feed reader. I didn’t know how to use it and I keep delaying it. But here is the big day, you announced that we had better use a software reader. Anyway, it isn’t difficult as much as I thought. Let me introduce the feedreader in details.

First of all, what is a feedreader?
Feedreader is a tool/program that enables you to view the sites/blogs you are following. You add URL links of your favorite blogs(or which blogs you want to follow) and the posts are lined for you.
For this assignment, I prefer using https://feedreader.com . Feedreader can be used online and this is one of the appealing features of the program.

It was hard to follow all of your following blogs. But this difficulty has ended thanks to this program! If you are reading this post and you also couldn’t do that, let’s follow these steps:
Firstly, you should enter this site: https://feedreader.com/online/

Ekran Görüntüsü (117)


Then, you need to log in or create an account, you can also sign in with your Facebook acunt.



Ekran Görüntüsü (116)

The third step is adding the blog  URL you want to monitor on your reader.You can add the URL links with “Add a new feed” section.

When you finished adding the feed,you can arrange your categories. It’s not an obligatory step but if you want to view the posts in order, categorize would be good. For example, you can check my categories from the previous picture. I made two categories: one of them is my friends’ blogs that our instructor wants us to create, and the other category is the blogs are more popular and general.





Well... What is my favorite blog?

My favorite blog is https://eltplanning.com/

I like this blog. I think it’s simple.It’s far from exaggeration and it is designed for a student. It has posts from literature to tips for English language learners.

In my opinion, teachers also should follow this blog to be involved in different interactions. There are ideas, plans and general ELT-related posts that can contribute to the experiences of a teacher or teacher candidate.You can get more information about the author with this link: https://eltplanning.com/about

I hope I could help about using RSS feed reader. And I hope you like my favorite ELT blog, too.

∞ Thanks for reading! ∞

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